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The Intel chip share remains first: gradually by nibble Samsung Qualcomm
Release date:2013-05-15 14:55:18

The United States market research company IC Insights report released Monday,although Intel is still the world's largest chip maker, but share has undermined by Samsung and Qualcomm.

The rapid development of Samsung and Qualcomm are due to the intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer market, because Intel has been focus on PC chip, so is affected by the declining PC sales.

IC Insights data show that the first quarter of this year, Intel semiconductor sales of $11560000000,compared with the same period in 2012 $11870000000 atrophy in 3%. Samsung Semiconductor sales were $7950000000 in the first quarter, year-on-year growth of 13%, largely from the Apple Corp's chip iPhone and the iPad supply.

The first quarter of the global semiconductor sales total of $53500000000,up 2% over last year.The fastest growth is ranked the fourth, although the total amount of only $3900000000, but the year-on-year growth rate is as high as 28%. Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm has been adopted by HTCOne and Samsung Galaxy S4 intelligentmobile phone.

IC Insights data covering the integrated circuit and semiconductor major chip-production-company, including wafer factory company and no wafer factory enterprise, but does not include Apple Corp, which is only responsible for chip design but all of the semiconductor production are completed by the manufacturing enterprise. TSMC, the chip outsourcing vendors, help no-wafer-factory produce mobile chip,but Qualcomm sales were not contained in the total sales of TSMC.

Nevertheless,TSMC remains the world's largest foundry enterprise, its first quarter sales increase of 26%,reaching $4460000000. The second is GlobalFoundries, UMC ranked third.

Intel owns the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing factory, and will start using 14 nm technology for the production of chips at the beginning of next year. TSMC and GlobalFoundries for most equipment manufacturers supply ARM chip, so mobile equipment need  growth make the two companies to boost. TSMC and GlobalFoundries hope that from next year using 3D transistor technology manufacturing the first chip,thus chasing Intel in the process

In the global top 20 semiconductor suppliers, not a Japanese manufacturers to achieve growth in the first quarter semiconductor revenue, Renesas electronics, Sony and Toshiba Fujitsu has two digit declines.The Japanese semiconductor industry is shrinking, and micron technology is expected to complete the Elpida $2500000000 acquisition  this quarter. In stored product sales, Toshiba also last year to cut NAND flash memory chip production.After the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan,a lot of capacity are transferred to the mainland China,Taiwan and South korea.(Ding Hong)

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