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Customization Comes Leading to Fierce Competition Again in Processor Market?
Release date:2013-05-15 14:56:39

Page first:development of the market and the challenge of Intel processor

The processor has been leading the development of the it industry. In the era of the PC, Intel is undoubtedly the dominator in the processor field. Intel wafer manufacture many of the same design in millions.This large quantities, commercial production for the processor significantly reduce prices, promote the processor in popularity in the industry.However,the datacenter of the rise of the traditional processor mode of production challenges, manufacturers hope to get specific functions to meet the needs of the datacenter processor, a processor time,"customization" has become one of hot topic.

Mass production allows processor prices lower,at the same time the product unification,let its popularity more easily.Which is the main reason for Intel processor has ruled the processor market since the 1980s

Intel development

1980s, Intel quickly occupied the market of PC; at the end of the 1990s, Intel also reached a peak in in the data center.Ten years ago,Intel reached its peak in the field of HPCS .

Technology development

With Intel dominate the road,Intel processor has make a spurt of progress progress in the overall architecture and process,from single core design as the core to today,from the original 130nm to now the popularity of 32nm technology,progress Intel processor technology is the real power of growing.

Intel not only lead themselves to the peak,but also the achievements of multiple partners,Microsoft,IBM,HP,Dell and so on these global well-known IT vendors, there have all kinds of connections with contact with Intel.

Page second:Google,Facebook's challenge for the processor

Google,Facebook challenge for processor design

Intel'sposition in the field of PC since Need less to say,but with the PC market saturation and mobile computing era,Intel is facing new challenges in the processor market.Especially more rule in Intel's server domain.The development of the whole industry is facing new challenges.

In 2008,the server chip business income of Intel 75% from HP,Dell and IBM, most enterprises in the world are buying a server to the three server manufacturer.But by 2012,Intel three fourths server business income from eight companies, one of the companies do not sell the server,but the server for their production.That is the google.

Intel Xeon Processor

The server market is from the traditional server provider model gradually tothe original design manufacturer(original design manufacturers,ODM)model, large web companies such as Facebook,Amazon and Google have adopted theODM mode to reduce intermediate links,thereby reducing thecost of the data center.

Google data center

With the Facebook,Amazon,Google,these IT manufacturers began to ODM server,in order to reduce the cost, the requirements for the processor will be different, they want from the processor manufacturers get some special function of the chip design.Facebook also admits, they asked a large chip manufacturers to provide specific to Facebook

The ODM manufacturer will be in accordance with their own server,performance of server processors need to be changed,if they need to deal with low power consumption,it can require manufacturers to provide more focus on the design of low power consumption,if the requirement is high performance,which requires the processor manufacturers of special design to improve the performance of processor.In this way,will greatly reduce the ODM cost.

Page third: processor customization will become the main battlefield in the war

Micro-processor customization will become the main battlefield

According to the customized server processors, Intel has refused to provide them with relevant data in this field,Google, Facebook and other giants also declined to commenton the matter, but a long time ago there were rumors thatGoogle wants to get something other than the general chip from Intel.

Facebook data center

Chip design of network giants are trying to reform drive their huge data center in the micro processor chip, the customization will become the main battlefield. Intel has made a number of technology make it deep customization server chips, but Intel is willing to free customization has been suspected.

And Intel is different,as the x86 market processor manufacturer am dhas said will be according to customer's special requirements to turn off the processor on the certain functions,or even add some"instruction"(instruction determines processor operation).

In fact, in today's processor market, AMD has little impact on Intel. As the mobile computing market rise, ARM processor is a challenge to Intel on mass production server.

The arm processor

Arm's business model and Intel on the contrary,it is not their own production processor,but sales design to partners,this let all the clients are able to share in the profits,so that it is in the processor market supporters.

The ARM chip has great advantages in low power consumption,while the 64bit architecture chip has been published in the last year,the earliest at the end of the year can meet with you,at the same time the arm processor customized there have been some successful cases,it will slowly sell into the server processing field.

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