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P1-series Chips Combined to MA24126-P1
Release date:2014-07-12 11:18:37

Dear customers:

First of all, thanks a bunch for you support during the last years!

To combine the resource and to provide the high quality product to our customer, we made a decision to combine the P1-series vocoder chips to MA24126-P1. That is, now MA2400-P1, MA1200-P1 and MA600-P1 will not be provided for new order. The subsequent order will provide MA24126-P1 instead, with three rate optional to user. At the same time, for the customers who ordered the above three chips will get continued technical support.

After the combination, P1-series chips will get the same price. And we provide a lower price for the later MA24126-P1. You know, providing extreme performance with high performance-price-ratio always is our pursuit.

Thanks for your attention and query!

MicroDevice Tech.

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